City Manager's Office

Welcome to the City of Jackson!

A city with a grand vision and innovative community members.  A year of many changes and accomplishments.

The City established a vision of accomplishing the goals of Enhancing the Quality Life for Residents, Strengthen the City’s Economy, Sustainable City Finances, Infrastructure Improvements, Public Health, Safety, and Welfare.

Enhancing the Quality of Life for Residents – through the continued efforts of the City Council and several departments including the Neighborhood & Economic Operations and Police Departments, ordinances and policies have been changed to better reflect the goals and vision of the City Council making Jackson neighborhoods safer for residents. Our continued efforts through the non-owner occupied rental inspection program have paved the way for neighborhoods to be as blight free as possible.

Strengthen the City’s Economy/Sustainable Finances – Every effort has been made to accomplish this goal, which is reflected a 30 percent in the City’s fund balance in 2016/17. The City Council recognizes the importance of having a stable economic base from which to grow, which includes a healthy cash flow. We have also attracted several new businesses to the city of Jackson including the Grand River Brewery and a new, 30-unit, market-rate apartment complex in the heart of downtown Jackson.

Infrastructure Improvements – while our infrastructure is in need of significant improvements, the citizens of Jackson can be assured that we have been working diligently at putting several major street reconstruction projects into place during the year, which will culminate in new roads and highways. Michigan Avenue from Brown Street to the downtown loop is next up on the list of major infrastructure projects within the City. 

Public Health, Safety, and Welfare - Through the elimination of blighted structures throughout the City, we are able to decrease the overly robust stock of abandoned/decaying homes while increasing the value of others.

While much remains to be done, we are very appreciative of the support the community and individuals who continue to work with and alongside us. A special recognition goes to the staff that spent countless hours transforming these concepts/ goals into reality. The combined efforts of all stakeholders are essential to our continued success.