Current Construction Projects

2017 Project Schedule (Tentative)

Proposed Construction
Tentative Start Date
Blackstone St - 
Michigan to Glick
Installation of streetscape lighting July 10
Capital Preventive
Crackseal and chipseal of various streets TBD
Cortland - 
First to Blackstone
Water main replacement by trench construction August 1
Dewey -
Clinton to Lansing
Water main replacement by trench construction August 1
E. Michigan Ave.
  (I-94 BL)
Cooper to Dwight
Mill and resurface April 17
First alley east of Mechanic
betw Washington & Cortland
Pavement removal and replacement July 10
First Street -
Franklin to Washington
Streetscape enhancements at the intersection of First and Franklin with pavement milling and resurfacing throughout July 10
Fleming -
Maguire to Blakely
Water main replacement by trench construction August 1
Glick Hwy -
Blackstone to Jackson
Installation of streetscape lighting and parallel on-street parking bays
on south side of street
July 10
Glick Hwy -
Blackstone to Jackson
Water main replacement April 10
Jackson Street -
Franklin to Washington
Mill and resurface with sidealk ramp upgrades at intersections and
water main replacement
August 1
Kibby Road -
City limits to West Ave.
Pavement replacement on boulevard south side, removal of boulevard north side, roundabout construction at Denton, and water main replacement July 10
Michigan Ave.
  (I-94 BL)
Brown to Steward
Street reconstruction with concrete pavement, traffic signal upgrades,
sidewalk replacement on south side, mixed-used path construction on
north side, and water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer replacement
April 10
Washington Ave.(I-94 BL)
and Glick Hwy (I-94 BL)
Two-Way Conversion between Steward and Cooper
Conversion of one-way pairs to two-way traffic for each with traffic signal
upgrades and intersection reconstructions at Michigan and Steward and at
Michigan and Cooper
April 10
Railroad crossing conversion for two-way 
traffic on Michigan at Cooper
Conversion of railroad crossing signals for two-way traffic with pavement improvements at crossing April 10
Michigan Ave. -
First to Blackstone
Water main replacement by trench construction and lining of brick sewer August 1
N. West Ave (M-50)
North St to Boardman Rd
Asphalt joint repairs and microsurfacing August 14
PAKA Connector Trail
through Ella Sharp Park
Mixed-use path construction from New Leaf Park to Sharp Park School May 1
Parking Lot 20 Expansion Expansion of City-operated public parking lot (located on the block encircled
by Jackson, Glick, Blackstone and Pearl) in coordination with Lofts on Louis
March 13
Parking Lot 6
Sealcoating and restriping of City-operated public parking lot located
west of JATA Bus Station
August 1
Parking Lot 7 Repaving Pavement removal and replacement with curb and gutter upgrades to City-
operated public parking lot located behind City Hall
May 15
Second alley east of 
Blackstone between 
Wesley and Washington
Replacement of brick sewer at north end of alley to repair connection
to sewer under Glick Hwy.
August 1
Steward -
Wildwood to Winthrop
Water main replacement by trench construction  August 1

Requesting a Construction Project

Contact the Engineering Division at 517-788-4160 to see if a street is scheduled for construction within the next few years. If it is not scheduled for reconstruction, the resident can obtain a petition from the City Clerk's Office.

According to City Ordinance, petitions signed by at least 50% of property owners can initiate public improvements such as street construction. If ordered for construction, property owners would be assessed for their share of the construction cost.