The roundabout is located on the southwest side of the City of Jackson in front of the Middle School at Parkside. It was designed as a traffic calming measure to slow traffic going through the intersection of West Avenue and 4th Street in the area of the Middle School, Ella Sharp Park and the Mehall Memorial Soccer Field. The roundabout allows traffic from separate streets to merge and proceed to destinations without the need for stop signs or traffic signals. Roundabouts utilize yield signs for control. The entering traffic yields to circulating traffic within the roundabout.

Traffic Flow
Because roundabouts are relatively new in the United States, many drivers are confused about the correct way to drive through them. All vehicles entering the roundabout must yield to the traffic in the roundabout. All traffic flows to the right. Follow the circle until you reach the street of your choice. If that street is not the 1st leg, use the left lane until you are approaching your street. Then merge to the right lane to proceed and that street. Some examples are shown below.

Video 1
Video 1 shows 2 cars traveling south on 4th Street. The 1st car stays in the right lane and exits immediately to West Avenue. The 2nd car in the left lane goes to center of roundabout and moves to the right lane as he approaches his exit onto S. 4th Street.

Video 2
Video 2 shows a car traveling east on West Avenue entering the roundabout in the left lane and moves to center of roundabout. After passing 4th Street, he moves to the right lane to exit onto N. 4th Street. A 2nd car coming from S. 4th Street yields right-of-way to the car already in the roundabout.

Video 3
Video 3 shows 2 cars entering the roundabout from S. 4th Street. The car in the right lane will take the 1st exit onto N. 4th Street. The car in the left lane will travel in that lane until approaching the exit onto West Avenue.

For More Information
For more information about roundabouts, visit the Michigan Department of Transportation website.