Road Repair Millage Proposals



Fixing Jackson’s streets has been a big topic of discussion in recent years. In this upcoming November election, City of Jackson residents will get to have their say in the matter, considering two millage proposals to fix Jackson’s streets.

In January, the Jackson City Council voted to put two road repair proposals before voters in the Nov. 5 General Election. Both proposals call for fixing every road in the city by raising more than $160 million over 20 years in taxes, but have different funding methods.

Proposal 1 intends to raise money through a millage rate increase and special property tax assessments. It intends to raise 5 mills.

Proposal 2 has a higher millage rate, but no special property tax assessments. It intends to raise 13.5 mills.

It is important to note that both proposals intend to raise the same amount of money over 20 years. In seven years, Act 345 will be reduced. In Proposal 1, voters will be asked to keep 5 mills of that reduction but allow it to be dedicated to roads. This may result in a reduction of 2 mills but not an increase. 

The City Council decided to put both proposals on the ballot to give voters more than one option. 


How much the proposals will cost in property taxes depends on the individual home or business owner. The cost is determined by a property's taxable value.

To find out your taxable value, visit this link. The link will take you to the City of Jackson’s property database. Input your property’s address in the top search bar and hit “search”. Select the appropriate address and in the section that says “General Information for Tax Year 2018” you will find your property’s taxable value.

The average taxable value of a property in the City of Jackson is $21, 831.  Below is a comparison of how much the two proposals could potentially cost based on taxable value. Your taxable value is different from your purchase price and assessed value. 

PROPOSAL 1 (5 mills)*PROPOSAL 2 (13.5 mills) 
Average Taxable Value $21, 831$21,831 
Monthly Cost$9.10$24.56
Yearly Cost $109.16$294.72 
Overall 20 Year Cost $2,183.20$5,894.40 

* Proposal 1 does not include cost of proposed special tax assessments, which vary from property to property. 

As stated above, special assessments vary from property to property. See the graphic below to see a few examples of what special assessments can cost property owners. 



A calculator tool has been created so residents can see how much each proposal could potentially cost them. To use the calculator, put in your property’s taxable value. Then select which a proposal. Proposal 1 will raise 5 mills, and Proposal 2 will raise 13.5 mills.

The calculator will then show you how much the millage will cost per month, per year, and over 20 years, which is the length of the millage. 

Please keep in mind that these estimates are subject to change based on your property's taxable value. Also, a cost projection for Proposal 1 will not contain an estimated cost for special tax assessments, which vary from property to property.