Hydrant Flushing Program


About the Program 

The City of Jackson Department of Public Works (DPW) is continuing its annual Spring Hydrant Flushing Program. The flushing activity will start on Monday, April 13 in the southwest section of the city, and is set to conclude on Tuesday, April 28 in the northeast section. The activity is happening all over the City of Jackson and in bordering areas of Summit, Blackman and Leoni townships.

Residents should be aware of when flushing is happening in their neighborhood. A map that indicates the areas and dates scheduled for flushing is posted on the City’s website, social media platforms, and will be sent to residents through a CodeRED message.

The flushing is necessary to maintain the quality of the City’s water system, such as washing iron and sediment out of water mains, cleaning pipes, and refreshing the water system. This sediment does not affect water quality, but can cause water to become discolored. The water is safe to drink and discoloration often disappears within a short time. Drivers are urged to slow down where flushing is taking place and use caution while driving around flushing activity. Residents are advised not to wash clothing while lines are being flushed in or around their neighborhoods. They may also experience lower water pressure or possibly no water during the hydrant flushing.

The DPW is aware of the challenges that COVID-19 presents to their operations and the community. This annual activity is moving forward amid the crisis, as it’s important to maintain water quality throughout the rest of the year. DPW workers will be working individually, using an assigned truck and equipment to flush hydrants, and will not be working with other employees. To make sure DPW workers can do their jobs safely, we ask that residents do not approach workers while they’re flushing hydrants. Questions about hydrant flushing should be directed to the “Report a Concern” feature on the City’s website or by calling the City of Jackson Resident Helpline at 517-529-2047.

spring hydrant map